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✯ Kamen Rider Den-O: Episode Red

This is not a write up, because I am lazy. This is my FEELINGS on this movie! Because boy did I ever have feelings.

Okay, so right off the bat: The movie begins with Hana explaining what is quite possibly the worst love triangle in existence. Because Sakurai-san of the past was in love with Airi, and she loved him; but he disappeared to save time. Now his past self, Yuuto, is in the present... and in love with Airi ... who doesn't see them as being the same person.


So the whole thing between her and Yuuto is ... god it's just painful. And the coffee was awkwardly adorable, but -- the focus of the movie is that Airi really can't see them as the same person. Because to her, they just aren't.

On one hand, it's ... good? Though we are seeing a lot more to Airi than we ever did in the series. Now that she remembers Sakurai and all! But she uses this against Yuuto a lot. Even little things, like how he likes his coffee sweet-- she found a sweet blend for him (and told him it was a girls' coffee), and he tried it like she asked before having to add sugar. But then it goes south, because she can't figure out when he stopped adding sugar to coffee. She doesn't want the Yuuto who is so young and unfamiliar, the one who likes sweets.

She tells him flat-out to his sad Channaka face that he will never be the Yuuto he was "supposed" to be and that he should no longer consider himself bound to the future, not with her. He still feels bound, and -- he really, really cares for it. Enough that he would transform and fight the stupid Three Little Pigs Imagin.

There is something very heartbreaking about what happens after the battle. It's very apparent that it's painful for her, given how she keeps tearing up at the end. But he's still there. And she is able to start seeing the pieces of him that she can't bear to lose from the old Sakurai-san. And he held her hand so I mean what else can I ever ask for, except joy! YOU HEAR THAT, TOEI? JOY.

But there is a definite feel to it, at least to me, that ... she won't be able to love Yuuto for himself until she is able to separate him and his other self. It's the ways in which they are the same that ping her the hardest, and the ways in which they are too different that upset her. And in the future, she will see that in a positive light; right now, as of this movie, it's too much for her to deal with, and she shuts him out continuously. But -- and Hana actually commented on it, haha, Ryoutarou too -- the future, someday, is still there.

.... Also, I think this is the first time we have ever seen her with her hair down. :|a I liked it up. And bubble-headed. Bitter and cruel!Airi is a hard adjustment to take.

My other thoughts: The plot, with the January ticket, was kind of dumb, but I loved hobo!Momo side plot. ACTUAL TIMEFUCKERY IN A TIME-TRAVELING CANON. And I love that when they suspected Yuuto of being the one to have Airi stalked, that Ryuuta had to be held back from going and beating him senseless.

It is also my opinion that Deneb should mind-theater everything, because his special point of view makes everything better.

I probably forgot a million things I wanted to say last night. Oh well. I am super tired from early morning work shift and staying up too late to watch this, durrrr.