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Bad Decision Dinozord ([personal profile] totling) wrote2012-03-06 11:05 am

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So, you know, life. That's a thing that keeps happening.

I'll be spending the next week (well, eight days) down at my cousin's place, taking care of their two dogs while they're on vacation in Florida. She left me a list of chores to do, which completely enrages me, but I honestly should have expected it. She did this all the time when I worked for her, too.

At the very least, the puppy is adorable. Her name is Zoe, and her current hobbies are RUNNING EVERYWHERE, flopping around on my lap, and jumping up my back to put her paws on my shoulders. She is also a biter, but we are working on that. And then my old pal Moose, the nicest and most cuddly mutt this side of anywhere.

So that is what is happening right now.

(Oh my gosh the puppies just both flopped down to take a nap together it's too cute)

edit: why is there no running water in the kitchen

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